[cgl_discussion] [ANNOUNCE] Update for Application Heartbeat Monitor project revie w

Brugger, Andrea L andrea.l.brugger at intel.com
Fri Sep 27 09:15:17 PDT 2002

I would like to have an active review of the Application Heartbeat Monitor
and would like to move the discussion to the sourceforge mailing list for
the project. 

You can sign up for that mailing list from this link:


I will be posting the updated design and API documents to the sourceforge
website today (http://appheartbeatmon.sourceforge.net/).  

There have been some significant changes to the code based on feedback I've
aready received and for bugs that have been submitted.  These include
changing the registration mechanism so that we can try to better
authenticate applications as who they claim to be, and to remove the
cumbersome persistence implementation with, hopefully, a much more
reasonable approach.  I've also converted it to strictly C since I've been
informed that using C++ is greatly undesirable and prone to memory leaks.
It also now uses automake.  The remainder of these changes will be checked
in by the end of the day today as well, so you might want to hold off in
obtaining the sources until then.

Since this component is an importance part of monitoring applications for
hangs, etc. I hope that we can have a good set of experienced eyes reviewing
the code to make sure it is robust and won't hang itself!  All constructive
comments and suggestions are welcomed and much appreciated.  

Thank you!

Andrea Brugger
Software Engineer
Intel Corporation -- Telecom Software Programs

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