[cgl_discussion] Question for App. Heartbeat Monitor

Fan, Ardelle ardelle.fan at intel.com
Sat Sep 28 20:49:12 PDT 2002

In the CGLE Architecture Specification v1.0, 1.5 Application Heartbeat
Monitor, remote management capabilities are required. Please see the
following digest:
"The heartbeat functionality must work for both local applications and
remote applications that
reside elsewhere in a network....Remote management capabilities are
permitted through its exposed API and configuration file."
And the HLD of sf project Application Heartbeat Monitor mentions two
alternatives for implementation the remote feature: SNMP and RPC. It seems
that SNMP solution is preferred. Maybe I miss the point?
May I know is there any existing implementaion is current CGLE? If not, is
there a schedule when to support the remote heartbeat?

Thanks a lot!

		Ardelle Fan
		Software Engineer,  Intel Corporation
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