[cgl_discussion] PoC concall minutes, 4/3

Rod Van Meter Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Thu Apr 3 12:40:26 PST 2003

OSDL: Dave Fuller, Andy, Mark, Randy, Dave Olien, John
Intel: Rusty
Nokia: rdv
Ericsson: Frederic, Jon
IBM: Venkat

TAHI: Michael Fu's patch was accepted by TAHI.  If you're a member of
their dev community, you get the version that builds on Linux, too.
But, they're still saying it will be quite a while before they
actually release it.  Venkat says this puts us back at square one,
since the problem is their release approach anyway.  Alternative would
be to put a snapshot into LTP.

Rusty to get Michael to fwd rdv his email exchange with them, then rdv
will contact TAHI project.

Hiroshi Mikata?

IPv6: not much to report.  DHCPv6 next version (0.4) is coming out
today or tomorrow.  Will have full functionality req'd.

Anycast, IPSec for v6 are in 2.5.  MIPL MIPv6 will be submitted in the
next week or so.

OpenHPI: project just getting started; in design discussions.
Meetings on IRC, logs available at openhpi.sf.net.  Do you have a
local daemon, etc.  People from IBM and Intel.  Will go to
cgl_discussion to ask for comments when they get a little farther

TIPC: opened unstable tree w/ Mika's ugly code in it.  Doing bearer
structure rewrite.  Rusty points out that if Mika's working on it, it
MUST be unstable.  Slowness issue is in ethernet driver (e100).  Old
driver seems to run TIPC faster than the new one.  Rusty reports that
Intel testers in China see some problems w/ that driver, too.  Equal
speed w/ TCP/IP, not sure what the issue is.  Jon seeing trouble w/
some gigabit drivers (e1000).

TIPC now has a mailing list.  Link going to mailing list.

AEM: discussion going on on cgl_discussion.  Added some new examples
on SF page to see how it interacts w/ epoll & select.

Rusty: does AEM meet our (CGL) needs?  Is the plan to decide that,
then shoot for 2.7 kernel?  Mika says we might use it as a means to
encourage other implementations.  There are concerns with its
intrusiveness into the kernel.  Dave says it makes good baseline.
Mika doesn't want to drop until he sees something better.

Mika says after public draft of clustering spec goes out, which calls
for asynchronous events, might be a good time to take AEM to LKML and
say, "Hey, this meets that need."  This should happen by the end of
the month.

Projects list for web page: Dave looking for advice on how the page
should look. e.g., different classes of CGL contribution?  Dave to
send out for comments.

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