[cgl_discussion] Re: [Cgl_s_t_m] Re: [cgl_specs] First public drafts of CGL v2 specifications areavailable

Khalid Aziz khalid_aziz at hp.com
Fri Apr 4 10:02:31 PST 2003

John Cherry wrote:
> >
> > Lastly but most importantly, I want to encourage everybody reading this
> > mail to download and actually read the documents. I hereby pledge that
> > no comment on these documents sent to this mailing list or directly to
> > me will not go unanswered. So let us work together in the spirit of Open
> > Source!
> >
> Let's see.....
> No comment will not go unanswered.  ???

Maybe he meant to say - No comment will not go not unanswered.

> This means that Mika will not respond to any comment!  :)
> John


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