[cgl_discussion] Request for HPI usage information

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Wed Apr 16 07:25:27 PDT 2003

Let me ask you a counter-question: are you planning to support non-x86
architectures? My point is that those platforms that have limited RAM
etc. are  usually non-x86.

In CGL we do have remained HW agnostic, but I think we have assumed that
memory is not a limiting factor, which would imply that an answer to
both your questions is "reasonable", i.e. no limitations unless you
create a memory eating monster :-)


On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 16:31, Rusty Lynch wrote:
> The OpenHPI (http://openhpi.sf.net) is currently working through some of
> the very basic design questions that any new software project would have
> to answer.  One thing that we (wearing my OpenHPI hat) need from the CGL
> working group is some information on how an HPI will be used on Linux in
> a carrier environment, so basically usage information.
> I know there is a lot to this question, but please help us with at least
> the following basic questions:
> * What kind of memory foot print is acceptable for OpenHPI?
>     Are we talking about systems with only a few precious bits of RAM, a
>     normal mid-range kind of pizza box, or a big monster DB server?
> * What kind of persistence foot print is acceptable for OpenHPI?
>     Are we talking about a system that the entire operating system loads
>     out of 16M or 32M of flash, or is libohpi.so going to be loaded from
>     some network drive?
>     --rustyl
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