[cgl_discussion] Buffer overflow

Adriano Galano adriano at satec.es
Wed Apr 16 08:04:19 PDT 2003


> An Anonymous Coward suggested to me that CGL should also
> include something like this:
> http://news.com.com/2100-1002-996584.html

Maybe is not a good idea:

"While the other security features will be available in the May 1 release,
the protected memory page structure for 32-bit processors--such as Intel x86
chips and the PowerPC chips--won't be ready for another six months, he said.

Is not better to CGL become strong for IA-64/x86-64 architectures?

In other hand: http://www.linux-mag.com/2003-01/kernal_05.html



> Now looking at the pace RedHat sends me up2date packages
> that fix buffer overflows, I tend to agree, but I do think
> this is one of those features that are _very_ hard to get
> accepted by Linus.
> Any opinions?
> --MiKu
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