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Cress, Andrew R andrew.r.cress at intel.com
Thu Apr 17 08:23:05 PDT 2003


I have updated the CGL project/patch web page with more details wrt #1 below
(htm attached).
I put in some guesses below that I would like people on the list to confirm,
clarify, or correct.
I have info requests outstanding for some other features to their

Andy Cress

Feature             CGL Req#      Status/Comment
Remote Boot Support   2.2         Merged into 2.4 kernels  (?)
Boot Cycle Detection  2.3         No project yet  (contact name?)
Loading Proprietary Modules  2.4  Merged into kernels >= 2.2  
Diskless Systems  2.5             Merged into 2.4 kernel  (?)
Serial Console Connection  2.6.1  Merged into 2.4 kernel  (?)
Hyperthreading of CPUs  2.8       Merged into 2.4 kernel  (?)
Application Loading  6.3          Submitted to glibc  (ver?)

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On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 07:09, Cress, Andrew R wrote:
> I think it's ready to put out there on developer.osdl.org as a first
> version.  

Couple fixes on the list before that:
  1) "Merged into kernel": at least version is needed, preferably also
     the date of acceptance (to save some digging time)
  2) "none" is not acceptable; at minimum there should be a name (and
     email address) of a responsible person that is keeping his/hers
     eyes open, in case a project filling that requirement surfaces. 
     AR to Rod. And yes, that means that (eventually) every 1.1 & 2.0
     (when specs are ready) feature should be on this list.
  3) "submitted" should have a date next to it. Also as we kind of
     (semi-) require each project to have a web page, it should not be
     too much trouble to put the submitted patch on that page and so
     for us to link to it. AR to Rod.

Otherwise looks OK to me.


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