[cgl_discussion] Re: goodbye

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Thu Apr 17 14:42:58 PDT 2003


Needless to say, my heart is also heavy on this news; while you are not
the only person I know that has been affected by the current economic
situation, this certainly was unexpected.

As in my official position and on the behalf of the whole CGL-WG,
I wish to thank you for you efforts as PoC-sg chairman, and wish you
luck in your future. You will certainly leave a big hole to fill behind.

Mika Kukkonen
CGL-WG Roadmap Coordinator

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 15:27, Rod Van Meter wrote:
> Well, you all know Nokia is laying off a few people.  I am one of
> them.  So, I won't be seeing you in Helsinki, and effective
> immediately, there is an opening for a PoC subgroup chairman.
> This wasn't totally unexpected, and I don't think it reflects
> on the overall Nokia position on Linux or open source, it's just a
> fact of the times and other circumstances.
> For the next few months, this email address should work; after that,
> I'm not certain.  rdv at alumni.caltech.edu is my permanent address.  For
> the time being, +1-650-714-9286 is still my cell phone number.  Feel
> free to call.
> It's been fun working with you guys, learning about Linux and the open
> source community.  You know I believe strongly in both.  Good luck,
> and see you around,
> 		--Rod

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