[cgl_discussion] OSDL CGL-WG draft specs available for review

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Tue Apr 22 13:46:43 PDT 2003


Influenced by the feedback we got around the release of our version 1 specs,
OSDL CGL Work Group has made the decision to follow a more open process
with the next version of our specifications.
Accordingly, we have made the initial drafts of the first two parts of
our version 2 specifications available at:
for public review and comment.
These two parts address the "General OS requirements" and "Security".
There is also a third part called "Clustering", that has been delayed,
but should hopefully made available by the end of this month.

We invite everybody to download the specs and comment. We have an open
mail list, cgl_discussion at osdl.org, for detailed discussion and comment.
You can also mail the feedback directly to me (mika at osdl.org), if you
so prefer, and of course we will read the LKML also. Your choice.

Please keep in mind that these are early drafts and so in now way reflect
the final content of the final version which is scheduled to be ready around
July. So now is your best chance to influence this document!


On the behalf of OSDL CGL-WG,
   Mika Kukkonen
   CGL Roadmap Coordinator
   mika at osdl.org

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