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Thanks for your response. Maybe I should clarify a little. We are currently
evaluating two Linux distro's (namely SuSE's SLES8 and MontaVista). Both are
based on 2.4 kernels but purport to support the CGL 1.1 spec including
hotswap. I ran chckconfig and hotplug is on.

I wriote a simple driver for a cPCI board which has a hotswap PCI controller
(in a cPCI chassis). The driver declares a MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE and has a
simple probe and remove routine. When I load the driver via insmod, I see
the probe routine get called for each device in the system and the remove
routine is called on rmmod. What I do not see however, is the probe routine
get called on insertion or on removal of device. There are a couple of
possibilitioes here. Either their hotswap implementation is not working or
the board is not generating the correct PCI signals/interrupts. Do you have
any idea of how the sequence of events is supposed to be when I open the
ejector handle?

My understanding is as follows. 

An NMI occurs on affected board.
Board should generate the #ENUM signal
An ISR should be linked to #ENUM and should scan the device and call the
correct driver.

The above is a little high level but maybe you can clarify for me.

Jack Bloch 
Siemens ICN
phone                (561) 923-6550
e-mail                jack.bloch at icn.siemens.com

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Please use cgl_discussion for CGL related questions; info at osdl.org
is something totally different ...

What comes to your question, there already is a lot of hotswap
functionality in 2.5 kernel, here is one place to look for

Of course some of the CGL compliant distros have implemented
additional stuff on top of that; I'll let them to comment on that.


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> I am a developer at Siemens. We are validating CGL for use in a project.
> Hotswap is for us an extremely important feature. Is there any description
> of how the proposal will work for a cPCI environment? I have reasd the
> documents and do not find a description.
> Jack Bloch
> Siemens ICN
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