[cgl_discussion] new aem-tipc module

Frederic Rossi (LMC) Frederic.Rossi at ericsson.ca
Mon Aug 11 14:02:27 PDT 2003

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the module aem-tipc which
provides TIPC with a native asynchronous interface on Linux through
the use of AEM.

This module permits to handle TIPC events and messages asynchronously.
It provides an alternative to the current socket interface.

The aem-tipc module is currently available for the Linux kernel
2.6.0-test1 and is part of the aem package
mod_aem-2.6.0-test1-v0.1.1.tar.gz. You can download it
from the AEM page.

To use this module you will need AEM and TIPC.

You can download AEM here:
(everything needed is in the package above)

You can download TIPC here:

A Readme file is included in the package explaining how to build the

This module has been developed by Andre Beliveau (in cc:).  Please, feel
free to send your comments.


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