[cgl_discussion] vm strict overcommit question

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Mon Aug 11 15:59:50 PDT 2003

> From: Zheng, Jeff 
> From CGL2.0 requirement, AVF6.1, vm strict overcommit, it 
> defines two methods for control of virtual memory:
> + Heuristic overcommit
> + swapless strict overcommit
> The POC reference web site has patchs for both linux-2.4.18 
> and linux-2.5.26. The patchs define following features:
> + Heuristic overcommit handling. 
> + No overcommit handling.
> + Swapless strict overcommit
> + Strict overcommit
> + Paranoid overcommit
> But from linux-2.5.28 to newest 2.5 kernel, only three 
> features survives:
> + Heuristic overcommit handling. 
> + No overcommit handling.
> + Strict overcommit. It is configurable. By applying 
> parameter to Strict overcommit, it can implement same 
> functionality as Swapless strict overcommit and Paranoid overcommit. 
> My question is: Does AVF6.1, vm strict overcommit, means  
> "Configurable strict overcommit" + "Heuristic overcommit"?

Didn't seem like this has been answered yet (although I may have missed it after the F2F)....  My read is that since the requirement is toggleable yes that both swapless strict overcommit and heuristic over-commit just need to be turned on by default, but it's okay if they are configured out later.

I'll add this data to the POC tracking sheet, though.

- Julie

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