[cgl_discussion] ANNOUNCE: OSDL Clusters (foundational components)

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Mon Dec 1 14:08:47 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 06:05, Jon Maloy wrote:
> We may now be in the unfortunate situation that we will have one OSDL-
> version of TIPC, 95% based on the Ericsson version, occupying symbol space
> in Linux kernel, and  which we, Ericsson, the originator of the concept and
> code, can not use.  This apart from the fact that we seem to  have no 
> influence on the further development of the code,

Welcome to the world of Open Source and GPL... Might I point out, that
this is something you and your company should have considered a year ago
when you made the decision to GPL TIPC code. You have let the source
code out with GPL license, and there is no way you to revoke and regain
control of it. Learn to live with it instead of whining.

>  -all my suggestions for retaining a
> minimum level of portability and usefulness for ourselves  have been 
> manifestly ignored.

Because the code you want to keep to do it is ugly as hell and makes it
impossible for us to even dream about mainline acceptance. And that is
only goal _I_ care about, getting TIPC into mainline.

> - And another version, very similar, still maintained by Ericsson, and 
> likely to be part of different distros by 2004.

I'll believe this when I see it, and then react to it as needed.

> Maybe it is time for OSDL to start considering cooperaton here, instead 
> of competing with our own customers (and sponsors).

Do not _ever_ use a word "customer" to describe the relationship between
OSDL and it's sponsors; not only it is incorrect, it can potentially
cause us a lot of harm. In fact, I think you should do more thinking
overall about what you want to achieve by your email before posting into
a public mailing list.

Having said that, I hope that this cross-posting to several email lists
stops here.


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