[cgl_discussion] ANNOUNCE: OSDL Clusters (foundational components)

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Mon Dec 1 14:27:30 PST 2003


The OSDL Clusters (foundational components) reflect the projects that
OSDL engineers are working on.  They are NOT CGL or DCL projects.

The decision to work on the foundational components was based on
feedback received from various working groups (CGL, DCL, SAF) on the
value line for clustering components.  These foundational components
will be designed with standard interfaces (SAF-AIS) with the objective
of making Linux a clusterable OS.  They are considered to be below the
value line (commodity components).

Any or all of the initiative work groups may choose to leverage these
foundational components to meet their clustering requirements, or they
may choose other options.


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