[dcl_discussion] Re: [cgl_discussion] ANNOUNCE: OSDL Clusters (foundational components)

Timothy D. Witham wookie at osdl.org
Mon Dec 1 15:27:44 PST 2003

  I don't believe that there is any reason to do an announcement of
this work at this time.  


On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 14:27, John Cherry wrote:
> Clarification....
> The OSDL Clusters (foundational components) reflect the projects that
> OSDL engineers are working on.  They are NOT CGL or DCL projects.
> The decision to work on the foundational components was based on
> feedback received from various working groups (CGL, DCL, SAF) on the
> value line for clustering components.  These foundational components
> will be designed with standard interfaces (SAF-AIS) with the objective
> of making Linux a clusterable OS.  They are considered to be below the
> value line (commodity components).
> Any or all of the initiative work groups may choose to leverage these
> foundational components to meet their clustering requirements, or they
> may choose other options.
> John
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