[cgl_discussion] POSIX requirements question for TEMs/ISVs/OE Ms

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Related to Mutexes, you might also consider Condition Variables (also

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As we are working on the CGL 2.0 requirements spec, I have a POSIX
requirements question that will need your help. Your input is extremely
important especially if your telecom application is currently relies on
POSIX functions .....

Currently CGL 1.1 spec listed 6 POSIX interface (objects) APIs compliance as
requirements. They are Timer, Signal, Message Queue, Semaphore, and Event

Question: What are other POSIX objects that your telecom application relies
on that we should consider to add to CGL 2.0 spec as new requirements? For
example, we might consider to add Mutex (under <pthread.h> ). Is there any



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