[cgl_discussion] Re: POSIX requirements question for TEMs/ISVs/OEMs

Pradeep Kathail pkathail at cisco.com
Tue Feb 11 06:31:27 PST 2003

At 2/4/2003 10:19 AM -0800, Chen, Terence wrote:
>As we are working on the CGL 2.0 requirements spec, I have a POSIX
>requirements question that will need your help. Your input is extremely
>important especially if your telecom application is currently relies on
>POSIX functions .....
>Currently CGL 1.1 spec listed 6 POSIX interface (objects) APIs compliance as
>requirements. They are Timer, Signal, Message Queue, Semaphore, and Event
>Question: What are other POSIX objects that your telecom application relies
>on that we should consider to add to CGL 2.0 spec as new requirements? For
>example, we might consider to add Mutex (under <pthread.h> ). Is there any

Here is the priortized list from my perspective:
  Reader-Writer Lock


>These are my opinions and absolutely not official opinions of Intel Corp. 

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