[cgl_discussion] Question about CGL-LSB compliant requirement

Subhabrata Biswas subbis at wipro.com
Tue Feb 11 05:50:59 PST 2003


      I am trying to find out some informations about whether CGL is LSB compliant or not.
Looking at the OSDL CGL requirement, the very first requirement under the "Standards" category i.e Req.1.1 mentions the LSB compliance requirement of CGL. However I couldn't find
any information in the list of active or proposed projects about any activity in relation to this requirement.

I did find one activity in the list of completed projects - LSB reference implementation validation test against the LSB v1.1 suite, which indicated some kind of work that had been taken up regarding LSB compliance of CGL. Although the status of this project shows as Closed-completed, there are no test results etc. that are put up in the related results link. I would appreciate if some one can enlighten me about the exact status of this activity.

I beleive I also saw somewhere that the LSB compliance requirement of CGL is supposedly moved to a priority#2 activity. Can someone please help me out with possible pointers/locations where I can validate all these information? 

Thanks in advance for the help.


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