[cgl_discussion] PoC concall minutes, 2/13

Rod Van Meter Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Thu Feb 13 09:51:17 PST 2003

PoC concall:

Intel: Terence, Rusty
Nokia: Rod
OSDL: Randy, Andy, Mark
IBM: Venkat

Validation group kicking around open test project for IPv6 NOT tied to
an implementation.  Craig looking into that.  Two issues -- new test
cases are hard to get in, distrust on whether or not they're good test

Rusty's goal would be to dump this into LTP.

Venkat: Linux-hosted version of TAHI is being used internally in IBM,
they've been asking TAHI group to release, but they're not ready yet.
Says it's not blocking their development activities right now, but
might be hard for CGL-validation to contribute.  Contributing test
scripts anyone can do, it's OS independent.

Venkat says send email to contacts at tahi.org to pressure TAHI to
release Linux version.

AR: rdv will do that, cc: rusty & craiger at osdl.org.

advanced sockets: mostly need to get into libc.

AR: rdv to get onto libc mailing list & figure out how to get it into.
libc guys generally require test cases to go with this.

IPSec: nobody cares enough to get involved?

MIBs for IPv6: Rusty says implementing MIBs for netsnmp (common OSS
version) is straightforward.

AR: Terence to check w/ Pradeep & Venkat about state of MIBs for IPv6.

Venkat says netsnmp doesn't run over IPv6 yet.  There is a primitive
v6 MIB written by Pedro, doesn't include e.g. TCP, UDP, or ICMP info.
There is also kernel work to be done to collect that info.


* kernel->SNMP info flow
* kernel internal stat collection
* SNMP MIBs themselves
* SNMP over IPv6 as a bearer

AR: Venkat to send more details to cgl_discussion. Zou from Intel will
contact him.

DHCPv6: three pieces -- server, client, and relay.  Venkat is
concentrating on c & s, not r.  Would like it if someone picked up
relay.  IBM is building tests for TAHI for this.

PCP: resource monitor is not a PoC issue any more; we think it's good
enough, and it's up to tech board/marketing/requirements to tell us
why it's not good enough.

AR: Ville to check on boot cycle detection.

Live software update -- Peter is checking on IBM project for this
(SIS, Software Installation Suite), version management & rollback

Might be related to boot cycle detection.

AR: everyone: check on internal interest levels in working on
e.g. rollback.

Terence points out that this is priority 2 in CGL reqs1.1, might be
prio 1 in v2.

AR: rdv to check w/ FlexiServer engineers on how they're doing SW

TIPC: Mika would like to see this in "top three" items for PoC.

Rusty's suggestion is to port to 2.5, and start giving feedback to
Ericsson & LKML.

AR: everyone: start reviewing TIPC and giving feedback on CGL

Rusty: we need a body on this full-time.

AR: Mika to check into shared network testing lab at OSDL.

TIPC is to be "proof of concept" of "Proof of Concept".  We need to
find a way to work together on this.

Next concall in two weeks.

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