[cgl_discussion] TIPC

Rod Van Meter Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Thu Feb 13 11:13:20 PST 2003

Mika wants us to make this a priority in PoC, and I can get on board
with that, I think.  It should be a good "proof of concept" for the
"Proof of Concept" subgroup.

This is from half an hour of looking at it, so there are likely things
I'm wrong about...

Comments on TIPC:

First off, this looks like very useful functionality.  I'm happy to
see it.  And it comes with documentation, too!


* There are test programs near the back of the 60-page document, but I
  don't see those in the source code kit anywhere.  Are they

* I don't see a "TODO" list -- what do YOU think needs help?

* Is there a ChangeLog?  How do you intend to do revision management
  -- CVS?  (I see a short comment in the README, but we probably need

Specifics things to work on:

* Code janitoring: there are still a fair number of warnings during
  compile, at least on my RH 8.0 system.  I'm looking into them.

* There seem to be a lot of numeric constants sprinkled throughout the
  code (65408, 65404, 65000, 17777777, 17, 117, 999640, etc.  Where do
  these come from?  Should they be replaced with #defs?

* This could be made to run over UDP/IPv6 as well as UDP/IPv4 (in

* Possibly, a port to 2.5, if it doesn't run there yet?


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