[cgl_discussion] TIPC

Stephen Hemminger shemminger at osdl.org
Thu Feb 13 13:04:02 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 12:28, Andy Pfiffer wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 11:13, Rod Van Meter wrote:
> > First off, this looks like very useful functionality.  I'm happy to
> > see it.  And it comes with documentation, too!
> I've made a first pass through the PDF file that describes what it is
> and how it does it.
> Cold-medicine-induced rambling follows: ;^)
> The first thing that strikes me is that it is similar in routing and
> neighbor discovery to several distributed memory message-passing systems
> developed during the mid-'80's.  They were characterized as systems
> composed of nodes connected only by point-to-point networks, and all
> routing was performed by store-and-forward of messages by the nodes
> within the system.  Several platforms were built this way, including
> those based upon INMOS Transputers, the early nCUBE, the Intel iPSC 1,
> and a few-other early hypercubes.

How does TIPC compare to MPI?  http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/mpi/

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