[cgl_discussion] IPv6 MIBs/SNMP requirements/support

Venkata Jagana jagana at us.ibm.com
Thu Feb 13 17:05:53 PST 2003

As we have discussed in PoC conf call today morning, here is a
high level description of the requirements, the existing support
in Linux regarding SNMP support for IPv6 MIBs and SNMP transport
over IPv6.

To provide a better understanding, I have split the info into
various categories/layers:

1) IPv6 stack within Linux kernel today doesn't have the complete
required support for all of IPv6 MIBs (specified below, as defined
by IETF IPv6 WG) except for a very primitive level support of the
general MIB group:

  IP Version 6 MIB for the Transmission Control Protocol (RFC 2452)
  IP Version 6 MIB for the User Datagram Protocol (RFC 2454)
  MIB for IP Version 6: Textual Conventions and General Group (RFC 2465)
  MIB for IP Version 6: ICMPv6 Group (RFC 2466)

 This means that internally within kernel IPv6 stack, the statistics
 and/or info corresponding to MIB data must be gathered and saved
 for ultimate retrieval by SNMP agents.

2) SNMP Agent must also provide the support of these IPv6 MIB's.
It further means that it must support corresponding encoding of
these various object groups and obtain the data from the kernel.

 The net-snmp project (www.netsnmp.org) claims to have this support
provided already in their released versions but this code needs to
be validated for Linux to understand their current level of

3) The kernel must provide appropriate interface to get/set the
various kernel stat/info parameters associated with these MIB
objects. This could further mean the appropriate structure definitions,
and io control types to pass information from kernel to snmp
agent and vice versa.

4) Just like SNMP protocol is transported over UDP/IPv4, it needs
to be supported for transport over UDP/IPv6 as well. This support
would allow an SNMP manager, running natively over IPv6 network,
to retrieve/configure the info from/to the hosts directly over IPv6.

Again, the net-snmp project claims to have this support enabled
over IPv6 but it needs to be validated for Linux.

We need help from the members to validate/develop the required
MIB functionality for IPv6.

If you have further questions on any of the items above, please
let me know.


Venkata R Jagana
LTC Networking Architect & IPv6 Technical Lead
Linux Technology Center, IBM
jagana at us.ibm.com
Tel: (503) 578 3430 T/L 775-3430

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