[cgl_discussion] Finding problem to bring all the CGL patches together...

Duraivelan duraivelan.thanikachalam at wipro.com
Tue Feb 18 02:48:46 PST 2003


	I am trying to integrate all the CGL functionalities together(in 2.4.20 kernel). But I couldn't bring all the cgl patches together since I couldn't apply the patches. 

	I'd applied KDB patch, configured the kernel and it was working fine. Later when I was trying to apply the DProbes patch, it was not applying properly. Some Hunk of the patch was being rejected. In the Dprobes README file I noticed that some hunk need to be edited manually if I'd applied KDB prior to Dprobes. But it is not the only case. The same thing happens for few other patches also. But I am able to apply these patches seperately to a fresh kernel.
	I want to integrate all the CGL patches(according to the cgl_project_tracking___2000_11_21.pdf) into a single kernel(2.4.20). 

	Give me some suggesstion, How to go about with that? Expecting your valuable responses.

Thank you,


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