[Fwd: Re: [cgl_discussion] Reposting my query about CGL-LSB

Craig Thomas craiger at osdl.org
Tue Feb 18 17:08:03 PST 2003

We have a linux stability project page at OSDL.  We are now in the
process of adding content that provides information about the 2.5
kernel's quality.  Test results are exactly what we are looking for.

I'm sure we can come up with some way to display the results.  
Subhabrata, if you have the ability to store the results and
provide web services to view the pages, then the simplest method would
be to add a link to the stability page and reference your results.

If you just have the ability to run the results and send the data
in an email form, then we can work together to figure out a way to
produce the data at our site.  It may be possible to check in the
files into our project CVS directory on sourceforge and figure out
a way to render the data.

I have instructions on how to add web content to our results page
located here:


The linux stability project page is here:


This show you what is displayed currently, and give you an idea of
what types of things can be displayed.  But in order to add content
to the stability page, you need to be added as a member of the
sourceforge project.

Subhabrata, why don't you contact me personally and we can figure out
how to make this work.

Another alternative is to make a separate CGL stability page, but I
wanted to group all things related to the testing of the kernel 
here (CGL, DCL, and other quality activities).  The page is evolving,
so I would like input regarding what information should be shown and
how the information could be grouped.  Anybody have any comments here?

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 08:54, Lynch, Rusty wrote:
> > From: Subhabrata Biswas [mailto:subhabrata.biswas at wipro.com]
> > > From: Craig Thomas <craiger at osdl.org>
> <snip>
> > Based on your suggestion that I can try running the LSB test
> > suite to verify LSB regressions, is there a place/group where
> > these results can be shared? I am not looking at a formal
> > announcemnt/proclamation by us of a particular CGL-patched linux
> > having passed or failed LSB test suite validation.
> > I was wondering if there's a discussion group where these self-
> > run test results of ours can be shared to get suggestion and views
> > from the open source community.
> > 
> > Ofcourse Rusty has already pointed to the LKML, the concerned
> > CGL/kernel patch maintainer and this discussion list as some of
> > the 'Interested Parties' for the LSB compliance test of CGL patches,
> > specially if non-conformity (which in non-diplomatic terms is called
> >  bug) is detected. What happens for result which I feel would be good
> > to cross-check and share with the community?
> Craig,
> I like the idea of having a common location to post results.  If anything it
> would make it easier to submit bug reports if a link to the fully gory
> details of the test cases were included in the email, and if that URL was an
> OSDL URL then I believe this would help build a unified voice behind CGL.
> If the test is run via STP, then the tester gets the publicly available
> results URL, but does OSDL have a mechanism for uploading results from test
> not run in the OSDL lab?
>     --rustyl
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