[cgl_discussion] IPv6 MIBs/SNMP requirements/support

Zou, Yixiong yixiong.zou at intel.com
Wed Feb 19 11:52:56 PST 2003

> As we have discussed in PoC conf call today morning, here is a
> high level description of the requirements, the existing support
> in Linux regarding SNMP support for IPv6 MIBs and SNMP transport
> over IPv6.
> To provide a better understanding, I have split the info into
> various categories/layers:
> 1) IPv6 stack within Linux kernel today doesn't have the complete
> required support for all of IPv6 MIBs (specified below, as defined
> by IETF IPv6 WG) except for a very primitive level support of the
> general MIB group:
>   IP Version 6 MIB for the Transmission Control Protocol (RFC 2452)
>   IP Version 6 MIB for the User Datagram Protocol (RFC 2454)
>   MIB for IP Version 6: Textual Conventions and General Group 
> (RFC 2465)
>   MIB for IP Version 6: ICMPv6 Group (RFC 2466)
>  This means that internally within kernel IPv6 stack, the statistics
>  and/or info corresponding to MIB data must be gathered and saved
>  for ultimate retrieval by SNMP agents.
> 2) SNMP Agent must also provide the support of these IPv6 MIB's.
> It further means that it must support corresponding encoding of
> these various object groups and obtain the data from the kernel.
>  The net-snmp project (www.netsnmp.org) claims to have this support
> provided already in their released versions but this code needs to
> be validated for Linux to understand their current level of
> support.

Ok, I just looked into the source code for the NET-SNMP release 5.0.7. 
Here's my findings regarding to the support of IPv6. 

    This is the only table I was able to verify on my redhat 8.0 box. 
    Largely implemented. Except the following OIDs:
	  ipv6IfReasmMaxSize:          not done
	  ipv6IfIdentifier:            not done
	  ipv6IfIdentifierLength:      not done
	  ipv6IfLastChange:            not reliable so not enabled

    All implemented. Requires 'SIOCGIFSTAT_IN6' to be defined. 
    This value is then used to make an ioctl() call. I don't
    have this defined on my system. So can not verify this. 

    All not implemented. 

    All implemented. Requires 'SIOCGIFSTAT_ICMP6' defined. 
    This value is then used to make an ioctl() call. I don't
    have this defined on my system. So can not verify this. 

    All implemented. Needs 'netinet6/tcp6.h'. I do not have 
    'netinet6' on my system. So can not verify this. 

    All implemented. But could not verify by snmpwalk somehow. 
    Maybe I do not have it setup correctly. 

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