[cgl_discussion] IPv6 MIBs/SNMP requirements/support

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Thu Feb 20 11:47:31 PST 2003

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:19:05 -0800
"Zou, Yixiong" <yixiong.zou at intel.com> wrote:

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| > From: Venkata Jagana [mailto:jagana at us.ibm.com]
| >
| > Hello Zou,
| > 
| > Thanks for your findings on net-snmp support for these MIBs :)
| > Based on your findings, it looks like there are still some
| > IPv6 MIB objects missing but this support needs to be provided.
| > 
| > In addition,  the ioctl interface support (item 3, as outlined in
| > my original mail) needs to be provided for most of these objects as
| > you have identified. Would you go ahead and then start implementing
| > this 'ioctl support for the kernel' along with MIB objects (item 2)
| > for net-snmp project since Randy is focussing on kernel implementation
| > of the various statistics parameters (item 1 in my original mail).
| > 
| On the kernel side, the two ioctl() parameters I know are needed are 
| 'SIOCGIFSTAT_ICMP6', and 'SIOCGIFSTAT_IN6'. If Randy's doing the kernel 
| implemention, it makes more sense for him to add the ioctl() calls 
| into the kernel as well. 
| On the NET-SNMP side, there are still many tables and objects that are 
| not implemented. As I listed in the previous email: 
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6IfTable::ipv6IfReasmMaxSize
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6IfTable::ipv6IfIdentifier
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6IfTable::ipv6IfIdentifierLength
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6IfTable::ipv6IfLastChange
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6AddrPrefixTable
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6AddrTable
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6RouteNumber
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6DiscardedRoutes
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6RouteTable
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6NetToMideaTable
|     IPV6-MIB::ipv6Notifications
| I will go research on these and see what are needed for those to be done. 
| There is a possibility that more of those ioctl() calls are needed. But
| I don't know yet. 


At first glance this (ioctls needed) looked like valuable info.
However, I don't see Linux supporting _any_ IOCTLs for access to
network statistics, so we'll need to clear up this point first.
Did I overlook them somewhere?
If not, I don't expect to add any ioctl's.
Some other method of reading the network statistics will be
needed, such as reading from /proc/net/* or whatever is currently


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