[cgl_discussion] IPv6 MIBs/SNMP requirements/support

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Thu Feb 20 13:10:11 PST 2003

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003 12:11:04 -0800
"Zou, Yixiong" <yixiong.zou at intel.com> wrote:

| > Hi,
| > 
| > At first glance this (ioctls needed) looked like valuable info.
| > However, I don't see Linux supporting _any_ IOCTLs for access to
| > network statistics, so we'll need to clear up this point first.
| > Did I overlook them somewhere?
| > If not, I don't expect to add any ioctl's.
| > Some other method of reading the network statistics will be
| > needed, such as reading from /proc/net/* or whatever is currently
| > done.
| > 
| > --
| > ~Randy
| I was hoping that kernel would provide the ioctl() calls and we can 
| just use the current implementation in NET-SNMP. If this is not the 
| case for linux, then basically we need to implemented the whole ipv6 
| MIBs set for NET-SNMP. That will be a lot more work. :)

New net statistics should be added in the same manner or method
that current net statistics in Linux use, whatever that is,
unless we come up with something that's even better, but ioctl's
are not considered "better."

| Does the 2.5 kernel also provide things in "tcp6.h" that's in FreeBSD?
| If so, what header file is that? 
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Did you already identify what these things are?
If so, I'm having a little trouble finding them.
Linux certainly doesn't currently have a tcp6.h file at all.


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