[cgl_discussion] IPv6 MIBs/SNMP requirements/support

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> > Hi,
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> > At first glance this (ioctls needed) looked like valuable info.
> > However, I don't see Linux supporting _any_ IOCTLs for access to
> > network statistics, so we'll need to clear up this point first.
> > Did I overlook them somewhere?
> > If not, I don't expect to add any ioctl's.
> > Some other method of reading the network statistics will be
> > needed, such as reading from /proc/net/* or whatever is currently
> > done.
> >
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> > ~Randy
> I was hoping that kernel would provide the ioctl() calls and we can
> just use the current implementation in NET-SNMP. If this is not the
> case for linux, then basically we need to implemented the whole ipv6
> MIBs set for NET-SNMP. That will be a lot more work. :)

Why would you have to re-implement the entire MIB?  If you have a block of
code that gets information via an ioctl, you just have to change the code to
get the information via /proc/net/* or whatever.

Am I missing something? This seems simple.


> Does the 2.5 kernel also provide things in "tcp6.h" that's in FreeBSD?
> If so, what header file is that?
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