[cgl_discussion] IPv6 MIBs/SNMP requirements/support

Zou, Yixiong yixiong.zou at intel.com
Thu Feb 20 13:48:32 PST 2003

> | Does the 2.5 kernel also provide things in "tcp6.h" that's 
> in FreeBSD?
> | If so, what header file is that? 
> | 
> --------------------------------------------------------------
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> Did you already identify what these things are?
> If so, I'm having a little trouble finding them.
> Linux certainly doesn't currently have a tcp6.h file at all.

For the IPV6-TCP table, current NET-SNMP implementation uses a 
struct called 'in6_pcb' that contains the address/port of the 
local and remote connection. I am still trying to find the exact 
definition of this 'in6_pcb'. 

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