[cgl_discussion] IPv6 MIBs/SNMP requirements/support

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> >One more thing, do we need to implement those "set" functions?
> From a MIB definition stand point, it is always 'required'
> (unless it says optional) so that it gives the flexibility
> to control these parameters from remote mgmt station. However,
> in most cases, customers won't implement the set capability
> but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be implemented. By default,
> the 'set' functionality can be disabled and however, can only be
> enabled if desired.
> >Most of those defined in IPV6-MIB are not "required" by the MIB.
> Don't think so :) Did you see any stmt from the spec that they are not
> mandatory.
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> Venkat

Well, the ipv6compliance section in the IPV6-MIB file specified that 
"An agent is not required to provide write access to this object". 


They also defined that the "Min-Access == read-only". 
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