[cgl_discussion] lkcd : /var/log/dump/? problem.

adarsh daheriya adarsh.daheriya at fci.com
Fri Feb 21 08:08:23 PST 2003

hi all!

I tried to install cglinux (for linux 2.5.52) on my system. The system 
boots well.
when i try to press Alt-SysRq-c i get the messages that suggest that 
is working fine. But when i reboot and run 'lkcd save' it doesn't create 
directory. if i run 'od -s /dev/hda12' that shows me possible memory image,
that suggest dump was successfull. can anybody please help me with that.

nevertheless lcrash works well without any arguments (ie. on running 

1. /dev/vmdum points to /dev/hda12 (a seperate partition for dump)
2. /etc/rc.sysconfig is properly modified.
3. /etc/sysconfig/dump is intact.


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