[cgl_discussion] LinuxBios interest?

Andy Pfiffer andyp at osdl.org
Fri Feb 21 09:54:21 PST 2003

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 09:24, Peter Badovinatz wrote:
> I was reminded in a conversation about the LinuxBios project.  At that
> time I was refreshed that it potentially addresses various OSDL CGL
> requirements, e.g., fast boot times, secure boot capabilities (ssh
> etc.), and probably other good things.
> In any case, as LinuxBios is being driven by HPC guys, they're concerned
> with large numbers of remote machines, a not dissimilar situation to
> most CGL installations.
> Take a look at:  http://www.linuxbios.org/
> My interest primarily is if this helps to address requirements, and if
> so where should we list it if it does.
> Peter

LinuxBios is Good Stuff, and could satisfy many of the CGL
requirements.  But...

The problem is that it is a nearly impossible treadmill to stay on.  As
soon as someone has coded up support for yet-another-chipset-from-h*ll,
there's a fresh batch of chipset and platform hardware that is different
from the previous revisions, and the vendors just won't hand out the
low-level specs.

Try getting platform and chipset specs out of any of the major suppliers
at the same time they are in the hands of BIOS and internal people.  It
is, by many measures, impossible.

The HPC guys tend to have it easier because the very large systems are
suprisingly uniform in their platform choice (motherboard, chipset,
etc.), and the smaller systems constructed by dumpster diving tend to be
a slightly older, with much better low-level information about their


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