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Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Wed Feb 26 16:07:20 PST 2003

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> From: Jon Maloy [mailto:jon.maloy at ericsson.com]
> The tests we have been running here were not made specifically
> for TIPC, but were rather system tests for our proprietary
>  TSP/TelORB system. These have turned out to be very good at
>  stressing TIPC and to reveal weaknesses and bugs. Unfortunately
> they are very tied to the TSP platform, both regarding build
> tools and execution environment. The main focus has also been on
> testing the core of TIPC via a propietary character device based
> interface, rather than the socket interface. The latter has not been
> much used until now.
> In short, those test programs are not fit for open source.

This is what I expected.  I am guessing that there are a lot more telecom
related test suites owned by the members of this working group that are so
deeply embedded within custom test environments that it would be hard to
port to an open, more general purpose test environment.

It might be worth wild to have a common dumping ground for Carriers/NEPs to
throw test suites or test cases that have no hope of being run (or even
compiling) without a custom test environment that will never be opened for
various reasons.

This would enable other engineers to pick through the code, taking what they
like or just to get some test ideas without the original author having to
worry about supporting the dead code.

Maybe a bit idealistic but it's worth a shot.

> So far we had not taken a systematic approach to test TIPC
> via the socket interface. What exists is an inter processor
>  'benchmark" program and a couple of smaller programs to
> test limited parts of the socket interface. The former is a good
> test of the behaviour of TIPC under high load, but it is rather
> monotonous as a test program. I attach these files to this mail,
> since I don't think there is any reason to upload them to
> sourceforge in their current state.


> Recently I also wrote an informal spec for a test suite, defining
>  a  comprehensive and coherent test of TIPC via the socket
> interface. We have a student working on this, but I think this task
> is way to demanding for one single person over only a few weeks.
> I attach even this spec, so you can have an understanding of what I
> am aiming at.
> If you have resources to help developing this test suite I would be
> very happy, and of course I will do what I can to support such an
> effort, both via the phone and via email.

This looks like some interesting work that Intel could help out on.  Elton
manages the engineers that would be working on this, so I will leave it to
him to determine what he can support.  

Since there isn't that much traffic on cgl_discussion, I propose that the
test suite discussions happen on this list.  It would then be that much
easier for other people to contribute to the effort.


> Regards /Jon
> Lynch, Rusty wrote:
> >Unless I missed something, there are no test cases for TIPC published on
> >http://tipc.sourceforge.net/.  Do you have any test cases that you are
> >planning on publishing?  Intel has a validation lab in China could help
> in
> >this effort by taking what ever you have already and porting the test
> cases
> >to work within the LTP.
> >
> >Once the test cases are in LTP then it will be that much easier to
> utilize
> >some of our other resources like the OSDL testing lab via STP.
> >
> >    --rustyl
> >
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