[cgl_discussion] Resend: OSDL CGL TWG Face to Face - January, 2003

Peter Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 7 17:15:22 PST 2003

Resending email from last month about the face to face.  

** If you haven't done so, please send me (and copy Mika) if you will be
attending!  As we will provide lunch on two of the days, I need a
reasonably close count.  I will send out maps and other info next week.

* REPEAT info, with updates where necessary *

Good news all, I have confirmed scheduling and reservations for the
January, 2003, OSDL CGL TWG face to face.  It will be held in
conjunction with Linux World NYC.  Some details:

Dates:  Jan 21, 22, 23
Location:  IBM NYC, 590 Madison Avenue (at 57th and Madison Ave)

Agenda:  Not done yet, we have the CGL BOF on Wed. (22nd) evening, and
our panel on Friday (24th).  So assume all day 21/23 for TWG matters, 22
will be "prep" for BOF + Panel (or "attend LWE" for those not desiring
to be involved in that.)

PLEASE send am email to me (tabmowzo at us.ibm.com) AND COPY Mika
(mika at osdl.org).  

*** NOTE, however, that you (or your company) MUST have signed a
particpation agreement for you to participate in the meetings (unless
you're an invited guest to present or participate).  

You are responsible for your own travel, hotel and Linux World
admission, but, we will have coffee and lunch provided on the 21st and

On this latter note, I am trying very, very hard to arrange for key
SAForum technical leads to attend and go over the SAF specs with us. 
The technical folks are interested and will work on their employers

UPDATE: SAF technical folks WILL be attending on Thursday, 23 January,
and we'll plan to spend the morning with them.  Leads for both the
platform and application API specs will be there.

Also, as the Open Cluster Framework (OCF) folks will, on Jan 21-22, and
in the *same* building, be having meetings, we have a rare opportunity
to make significant useful progress.

UPDATE: I had dates wrong, they're planning to meet on Mon/Tue, 20-21

Unfortunately, I must attend to urgent family business over the next 7
to 10 days in Utah, so will be out of touch with email and unable to
concentrate on this.  I'd like to request Mika, Eric and John to help by
beginning to pull together draft agendas.

UPDATE: I'm back.

 OCF:  Alan Robertson, alanr at unix.sh
 SAF:  Timo Jokiaho <Timo.Jokiaho at nokia.com>, Dave Penkler
<Dave.Penkler at Sun.COM>

Peter R. Badovinatz aka 'Wombat' -- IBM Linux Technology Center
preferred: tabmowzo at us.ibm.com / alternate: wombat at us.ibm.com
These are my opinions and absolutely not official opinions of IBM, Corp.

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