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>>Subject: Re: [cgl_discussion] Re: [OCF]draft 0.8 of the SAF Application 
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>>Just to add a small clarification to MiKu's observation: The spec uses 
>>calls in the examples but it does not require the underlying OS to be 
>>compliant. Small footprint / RT implementations of the SAF middleware may 
>>find POSIX compliance of the OS too onerous.
>Au contraire, it assumes POSIX-like semantics every place it uses a 
>file descriptor, and assumes the presence of something like select or 

In the SAF application spec, an opaque type (SaSelectionObject) is returned 
to the application. This may be a file desc on a Posix system or something 
else on other systems. There is no assumption on select or poll explicitly 
by the spec but only an assumption that the application has a way to wait 
on the selection object returned previously. 

It is true that we didn't look at many OSes such as OS/390 to make sure 
that there is a way to map the abstract type on something reasonable but 
someone in our group checked that this could be easily mapped on NT 
(without using the POSIX emulation). 

>An OS agnostic approach would have opaque types that could be either
>integers or handles, and wait mechanisms that encapsulated those types;
>and encapsulated the lifecycle management of their creation and 

I think we're in agreement here.

>As it stands, it is about as POSIX specific as the OCF drafts, with 
>additional complication and embelleshment. 

I would appreciate if you could point out the parts which are unnecessary 
complicated so that we can give it a try at simplifying them.

> I think OCF could align with a subset
>of the SAF stuff easily.   I can't see SAF as meeting the 'agnostic' 
>Using the perrenial worst case example, it would probably be a pain to
>make that API work on OS/390 without the  POSIX emulation layer
>that many don't like to use.

I'm not familiar with OS/390 and I would appreciate if you could point out 
the parts of the spec which you think would be hard to implement on OS/390.

Best regards.
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