[cgl_discussion] 01/09/2003 Poc Meeting Minutes

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Thu Jan 9 12:50:51 PST 2003

Meeting:                 01/09/2003 CGL PoC 
Chair:                   Rod VanMeter 
Day & Time:              Thursdays - 8:30-10:00 AM - Pacific 
Dial-in: Toll Free:      800.482.3251 
International:           719.457-5113 
Attendee Code:           549025 

OSDL - Mika, Randy 
Nokia - Rod
Intel - Rusty, Terence, Ram

Mika summarize an idea for what the PoC team should do over the next year.
The idea was pitched to the validation team the day before, and
the steering committee this morning.

Reviewed list PoC projects, and created a short list of projects
to attack first:
* High Res Timers 
  - Randy and Julie are already working on different
    aspects if this feature
* IPv6
  - Large parts of the code have already been merged into the 2.5 kernel
* Hot Device Identity
  - We have to competing implementations, one from Nokia and one
    from Monta Vista
  - Since both implementation are not using the same interface,
* Boot cycle detection
* Resource Monitoring
    -We have some existing research on Performance Co-pilot
    -AR on the Spec team and Mika to review existing research
    -If team agrees with research then Mika will go to each
     of the existing distros for feedback
* Application Loading

The above list will be carried to the tech board meeting.  If nobody 
volunteers for a given project, then Mika will raise the resourcing
issue with the steering committee.  If the steering committee is unable
to find resources to help make these features a reality then the feature
will be dropped from the CGL requirements as was outlined in the last
steering committee face-2-face meeting.

  - Ram to resend (or get Todd resend) previous Performance Co-Pilot
    project evaluation research
  - The rest of the team to take the time to read over the Performance 
    Co-Pilot research
  - Rob to research the IPv6 merge state 

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