[cgl_discussion] RE: timers collaboration

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Fri Jan 10 14:07:03 PST 2003

Forwarding to the posixtest-discuss mailing list too.

Randy.Dunlap wrote:
> Looks to me like the UKansas timers tests are in George's test suite,
> but the signals tests might be helpful.

Thanks for that info.  These should be useful.  (URL - for posixtest-discuss
people - is (http://hegel.ittc.ukans.edu/projects/posix/index.html).

> Do you have plans to automate the Posix timers test suite, or do you
> expect to leave it as is, requiring manual intervention?
> Hint:  I'm not into repeated manual intervention.  :)

This one I wanted to move to the posixtest-discuss mailing list so we could
see which parts are the ones you were thinking should be automated and work
on those.  There's definitely lots of room for improvement.

First just wanted to check to see if it's an issue with the framework when
you type "make" in the main directory to run all the tests?  This leaves
things fairly automated, but I could see how it's less automated if you only
want to run some of the tests.

There's also the fact that you'd have to set up the Makefile, etc. to run
the tests against Linux high-res-timers, which we could possibly automate
for each OS/implementation we have tried to test against.

- Julie

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