[cgl_discussion] Re: [OCF]draft 0.8 of the SAF Application Interface specification

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Mon Jan 13 03:45:55 PST 2003

On 2003-01-10T09:34:41,
   Joe DiMartino <joe at osdl.org> said:

> The first two drafts and the most recent draft of the OCF event service
> use an opaque object that can be converted into a file descriptor.  We
> DO assume that the underlying OS has a mechanism similar to poll/select.

I think - for the target audience of OCF - assuming basic POSIX compliance is
probably safe, maybe we could even assume suv3, but indeed not as readily.

I think _without_ making _some_ assumptions - like POSIX - the standard would
become an unwieldly complicated beast with three heads. Now, a clustering
standard is always going to be a complicated beast, but I think we can do with
2 heads ;-)

> I think it was understood, if not explicitly stated, that OCF would use
> the openDLM in its full glory, complete with lock conversion and async
> notification of blocked lock requests.  At least that was my plan.

I think this has indeed been our plan; I'm in full agreement here.

Watering down the DLM makes it less useful; I am all for 'Keep it simple,
stupid!', but there is such a thing as _needed_ complexity. I think it is safe
to assume that any DLM which can't support a database and a CFS is not
powerful enough and will lead to people bringing their own DLM again - in
which case the point of standarizing an API is kinda lost.

At least the specification must allow the advanced features, even if they may
not be implemented everywhere - an application could then just bail out at
startup if it doesn't find the required features.

> Any attempt to water it down seems naive. 


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