[cgl_discussion] CGL & LSB

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Tue Jan 14 09:24:38 PST 2003

Forgot to mention this in today's tech board, so might as well raise it

One of the (many) areas we should improve during 2003 is our
relationship with FSG/LSB. To recap, so far our position is that we
require CGL-compliant distro to be LSB-certified, and then we have had
some (inconclusive) discussions with LSB people about where we fit in
their world and where do we in theirs.

But AFAIK nobody has actually _looked_ into LSB-specs (outside the
obvious X-windows issue) to analyze if there is something in the specs 
that is missing or if the spec has something with conflicts with our
requirements (like X-windows and now they seem to be planning to incluce
i18n stuff too). There has been some informal talking, but that does not
lead anywhere; this kind of things need to be put on paper.

Note that I am not saying that we should modify LSB, I am just saying
that we should identify the missing/problematic areas of the spec and
then open discussion with LSB to get the "missing" stuff into LSB spec/
somehow address the problem areas.

This seems to be the approach ELC (http://www.embedded-linux.org) has
taken in their spec (does not yet seem to be available from their web
site, but I got mine by sending email to the guy they name in press

So, what do people think about the idea, and are there anybody willing
to tackle the issue?


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