[cgl_discussion] Validation Team Minutes 01/15/2003

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Wed Jan 15 13:59:38 PST 2003

The team reviewed the proposed list of projects 
to throw resources on, and attempted to understand
how each of this relates to validation.

* High Res Timers 
  - Julie is already working on this in the
    Open POSIX Test project.

* IPv6
  - There appears to large void for truly open, 
    implementation agnostic test cases
    + we have an opportunity to create a new 
      project that has very similar goals to the
      Open POSIX Test project, if it is important
      enough to the working group (i.e. lots of 
      work will need to be done.) 

* Hot Device Identity
  - More research needs to be done on the two
    implementations to understand what is different
    between the two  
  - LTP has given the green light to incorporate 
    test cases
    + verify new LTP test are 'good enough' 
    + see what could be done to make the test
      work for both implementations
    + run the test against snapshots of 
      the existing implementations

* Boot cycle detection
  - wait and see 

* Resource Monitoring (PCP)
  - Need to research existing test cases.
    + Are the test good enough? 
     (Do we need to volunteer to write more test?)
    + How well does the current snapshot do as 
      measured by the existing test?
* Application Loading
  - Test could be developed for, and contributed 
    to the libc test suite (assuming this has not
    already been done.)
    + This _might_ help in the acceptance of the
      libc patch.

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