[cgl_discussion] Validation Team Minutes 01/15/2003

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Wed Jan 15 14:33:33 PST 2003

On ke, 2003-01-15 at 14:16, Rod Van Meter wrote:
> They haven't, AFAIK, run this against Linux 2.5, but in March last year
> it was run against USAGI.  That's why I suggested that we prod/offer
> money to them to do it against 2.5.  I don't know if they will test it
> next week or not, nor when the results will be available.

We certainly can ask them, but the idea of paying them does not fit very
well with our normal work methods, meaning that if our member companies
want to pay them, fine, but CGL-WG has no "own" money with which to pay.
> Better yet, if there are resources available and it doesn't happen next
> week, get some of our people to run these tests against 2.5.

Yes, that sounds like an idea.

> If you think it's important, some effort could be put into making it
> self-hosting on Linux, but I don't think it's a big deal.

Actually if we follow the idea that our tests will be contributed to
LSB after they embrace our feature, then this might actually be a
thing to consider. First task of course is to find out how big job it
would be. Rusty, can you locate a volunteer from valid-sg for this?


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