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Rod Van Meter Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Fri Jan 17 06:33:53 PST 2003

I believe that first "no" is "no, I don't know", not "no, it won't".


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Hi, Rod.

On 15 Jan 2003 14:18:24 -0800
Rod Van Meter <Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com> wrote:

> Do you know if Linux 2.5.x will be among the platforms present at the
> interoperability test next week?

We don't know what OS participants are using.

> Does TAHI have any plans to test 2.5 and post the results?

We don't have any plan for testing kernel ver. 2.5.

If we can make a free time for testing,
we will try to test it.

Best Regards.

Yukiyo Akisada <Yukiyo.Akisada at jp.yokogawa.com>

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