[cgl_discussion] [Fwd: Draft meeting minutes]

Rod Van Meter Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Fri Jan 17 09:56:56 PST 2003

(From Khalid)

OSDL CGL PoC meeting minutes for Jan 17, 2003

	Mika Kukkonen (OSDL)
	Randy Dunlap (OSDL)
	Andy Pfiffer (OSDL)
	Venkat (IBM)
	Rod Van Meter (Nokia)
	Khalid Aziz (HP)

- Mika mentioned that SuSE has announced support for CGL.They want some 
  help from OSDL with IPv6. They are asking for general help and help
  with IPv6 test suite. Mika suggested that w start an open source IPv6
  test suite project. Venkat mentioned that TAHI IPv6 test suite is now
  available for Linux. Venkat will send a URL to the test suite to the
  mailing list. Question came up if TAHI is willing to accept tests from
  others and maintain them. Venkat believes TAHI people are sufficiently
  responsive and we can use their test suite. 

  Venkat will respond to SuSE about their needs on IPv6. Mika believes
  IPv6 is fairly important for CGL 1.1 and we should do something in
  this space. General consensus was it is failry difficult at this point
  to add any new IPv6 related code to 2.4 or 2.5 kernel. Any opportunity
  remaining is fading fast. As for Mobile IPv6, USAGI folks currently 
  place higher priority on IPSECv6 than Mobile IPv6. All discussions
  regarding MIPv6 in USAGI are happening on net-dev mailing list.

- Resource monitor status: every one has AR to review PCP. We need to
  come to an agreement on whether PCP is sufficient to fulfill the
  requirement or not.

- Rod is reviewing the feature sets:

	- POSIX conformance features are in good shape except for POSIX
	  message queues. Stataus is unknown for thsi project.

	- Nobody is working on MIBs for IPv6.

	- There is no work on Software live upgrade. SystemImager
	  project may or may not be appropriate to fill this need.

	- We need more clarification on the application heartbeat
	  monitor feature and what are telcos expecting from it.

- There are no volunteers to take lead for the projects that are
  languishing. Rod will try to identify an owner for each such project.

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