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On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Cress, Andrew R wrote:

| comments below.
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| > OSDL CGL PoC meeting minutes for Jan 17, 2003
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| > - Resource monitor status: every one has AR to review PCP. We need to
| >   come to an agreement on whether PCP is sufficient to fulfill the
| >   requirement or not.
| I posted my opinion, I think it's a much better choice than what we had,
| and best that is currently available at least that I've heard of.
| -----------
| This is also the opinion of the Resource Monitor development team (Todd
| Davis is lead), which is why
| all new development for the RM project has moved to the PCP code base.  The
| main technical issue that Todd is worried about is a GUI, since the GUI that
| was built for PCP is proprietary, and our open RMView app would be a
| difficult port.  He is looking at a new GUI implementation for PCP.
| Andy
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Yes, there were a handful of opinions posted.  The real issue IMO
(that didn't show up in the minutes) is that Mika wants feedback from
the TEMs and we haven't heard from them on this issue, so Mika will try
to raise it in NYC this week.


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