[cgl_discussion] Question for TEMs/ISVs/OEMs regarding pthread requirements

Pradeep Kathail pkathail at cisco.com
Wed Jan 29 17:33:34 PST 2003

Some of the applications that we are developing, rely on PRIO_INHERIT to
avoid priority inversion problem. What tools will you provide to 
applications if this option is not supported.


At 1/22/2003 04:22 PM -0800, Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky wrote:

>Hi All
>I am working on pthread related issues in the Linux kernel, and in one
>discussion and subsequent hair pulling to evaluate the consequences, it came
>to me that I needed to know what the TEMs, OEMs, and ISVs working on
>middleware and/or applications need from a pthreads package.
>More specifically, I need to know what are the realtime requirements of a
>pthreads package regarding mutex protocols. POSIX specifies three priority
>protocols, PRIO_NONE, PRIO_PROTECT and PRIO_INHERIT. Does anybody know or
>rely on the three of them and extensively require, for example,
>It'd be really nice if this could be passed down to architects/engineers who
>could shed some light into it ...
>PS: PRIO_NONE offers no support for priority-inversion problems,
>PRIO_PROTECT offers a kind of limited protection by enforcing certain
>priorities in order to acquire a mutex. PRIO_INHERIT is the most "advanced"
>one, and relies on bumping up the priority of a process/thread that has
>acquired a mutex and is blocking a higher priority process or thread.
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