[cgl_discussion] Question for TEMs/ISVs/OEMs regarding pthread requirements

george anzinger george at mvista.com
Thu Jan 30 13:15:51 PST 2003

"Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky" wrote:
> Finally somebody answers!!!! Thanks a lot, Pradeep
> > >More specifically, I need to know what are the realtime
> > requirements of a
> > >pthreads package regarding mutex protocols. POSIX specifies
> > three priority
> > >protocols, PRIO_NONE, PRIO_PROTECT and PRIO_INHERIT. Does
> > anybody know or
> > >rely on the three of them and extensively require, for example,
> >
> > Some of the applications that we are developing, rely on
> > avoid priority inversion problem.
> Well, the point I am trying to make here if is it is worth to implement
> them, because they are a royal PITA; they create so many problems that just
> thinking about it gives me headaches.

Buck up, Inaky, you just need a larger hat :)  

If memory serves, there is a pthread package on sourceforge
that supports userland PRIO_INHERIT.  I think it was done by
Corey Minyard.  It should give you a leg up, so to speak. 
Do I have this right Corey?


> > What tools will you provide to applications if
> > this option is not supported.
> It is hard to tell, because once you have an application relying on that,
> probably the only way to avoid using it is redesigning the application and I
> am sure you don't want to do it. Hmmm ...
> Can you give me a rough usage model of the applications that use them? I
> mean, how many threads/processes with different priorities, the
> interdependencies, consumer/producer, etc?
> Thanks, I really appreciate your input
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