[cgl_discussion] Security for internal messaging between different nodes of the cl uster?

Makan Pourzandi (LMC) Makan.Pourzandi at ericsson.ca
Fri Jan 31 11:59:16 PST 2003

Hi all, =

Context: =

We have a carrier-grade server that consists of multiple nodes with LAN
between nodes (LAN has been chosen to simplify the discussion, the =

interconnection between nodes can be of any kind: Ethernet switches,

Generally, one supposes that the server is in a trusted environment,
(i.e.; the server is behind one or several firewalls, and is protected
from intrusions). In reality, the spread of all viruses and Trojans
shows that firewalls are not enough to secure the whole network
(c.f. more precisely the propagation of viruses inside intranets of
different companies despite that those intranets are behind =


Question: =

1) Do we need to support any security mechanism for the internal messaging =

between different nodes inside the kernel?

2) Do we need to support confidentiality or integrity for messages exchange=
d =

inside the cluster? =

Remark that the fact that we support this does not mean that we want to use =

them upon all messages exchanged. We can choose not to encrypt/authenticate =

all or part of messages when the cluster is heavily loaded to avoid loss in=

Also, clearly not all communications must be protected, for example I don't =

believe that we need to protect heart beat messages.

 I personally believe that even if we do not support encrypted messaging in=
side =

the cluster at least we want to be able to guarantee integrity for some com=
munications =

inside the cluster (for example, to be able to protect some requests/comman=
ds =

through the control panel).

Any comments? =

Thank you,
Makan =

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