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I was looking at this spreadsheet and I have a couple of tweaks:
For line 33, Panic Handler Enhancements:
    "This functionality is all in the IPMI driver"  should be
    "Part of this functionality is in the IPMI driver".
The main gap between the IPMI driver implementation and the panicsel patch
is that the IPMI driver only flags that a panic has occurred, but does not
include the panic string bytes, or other indication of the panic type. This
also affects column F on line 35.  "full" -> "most/part".  
Also, the panicsel kernel patch and the accompanying utilities are fully
included & supported in
MontaVista CGE 2.1 and CGE 3.0, so that column G should be changed from
"Unlikely" to "Supported".   
I don't know for sure whether it is included in UL 1.0 or RedHat EL 3.0.

Also, when a distro column says "Look at shipped", does that mean:
1) We are going to do an evaluation later because the CGL version of this
distro isn't yet released, 
2) Someone needs to do an evaluation of whether the currently shipped distro
version meets this requirement.


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Here's a revised top 10 projects list based on comments received today.
Since it's no longer 10, one thought is to bubble in some of the security
requirements to ensure we agree on the solutions to those.

Of course, the potential priority changes will also affect this list, so
I'll update it again after that is finalized.

Any comments I received have also been reflected in the POC project list at
http://www.osdl.org/docs/poc_cgl_20_priority_1_solutions.xls (not the PDF,

- Julie

Top Tier
Persistent Device Naming (a.k.a HDI) -> Neither project listed appears to
implement full requirement.  One is being worked on, but isn't listed yet.

Software Remote Update -> Appears to have distro-specific requirements tied
to it.  Unclear which option is available for distros that implements full

Soft Realtime Support Performance -> Need to understand how we will
implement this (or if it already is implemented).

Asynchronous Events -> AEM is the only one designed to meet full
requirement, but it is invasive.  Others need work to implement requirement.

Bottom Tier
POSIX Message Passing -> We do have implementations, but don't have distro
input on which will be used, if either.

Multipath Access to Storage -> There are two projects, but both need work to
implement requirement.

Cluster Node Failure Detection -> Sounds like Linux-HA, at least, is okay
for CGL 2.0.

Communication Service/Logical Addressing and Fault Handling ->  Sounds like
Linux-HA, at least, is okay for CGL 2.0.

IPSec for IPV4/Support for IKE -> Current implementations implement
requirement in kernel space.  User space may still need stability, but CGL
is comfortable a solution will exist in the CGL 2.0 timeframe without
needing CGL assistance.

IPMI 1.5 -> User library needs help getting stable, but is included by
distros already.  Kernel pieces are stable for 2.5 and also exist for 2.4.

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