panic handler enh in tracking list (was RE: [cgl_discussion] Revised "Top 10" projects list)

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at
Tue Jul 1 16:11:25 PDT 2003

> Julie,
> I was looking at this spreadsheet and I have a couple of tweaks:
> For line 33, Panic Handler Enhancements:
>     "This functionality is all in the IPMI driver"  should be
>     "Part of this functionality is in the IPMI driver".
> The main gap between the IPMI driver implementation and the 
> panicsel patch is that the IPMI driver only flags that a 
> panic has occurred, but does not include the panic string 
> bytes, or other indication of the panic type. 

Thanks.  I've updated in the latest XLS.  Let me know if I didn't
capture this correctly.

>This also 
> affects column F on line 35.  "full" -> "most/part".  

I changed this too.  Is that for panic handler enhancements or IPMI?
Maybe I should add a separate line for IPMI....  Does panicsel implement
the full requirement?

> Also, the panicsel kernel patch and the accompanying 
> utilities are fully included & supported in
> MontaVista CGE 2.1 and CGE 3.0, so that column G should be 
> changed from "Unlikely" to "Supported".   
> I don't know for sure whether it is included in UL 1.0 or 
> RedHat EL 3.0.

This one I'm hoping Steve can answer as I'm unsure why he wrote
unlikely, unless it was because going forward MV plans on using IPMI
(or, maybe I had a cut and paste error).

> Also, when a distro column says "Look at shipped", does that mean:
> 1) We are going to do an evaluation later because the CGL 
> version of this distro isn't yet released, 
> or
> 2) Someone needs to do an evaluation of whether the currently 
> shipped distro version meets this requirement.
> ?

I changed all columns that used to say that as "Unknown."  I originally
had meant 2, but see now it probably is 1 for some distros.  Unknown
seems safer.

> Andy

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