[cgl_discussion] RE: panic handler enh in tracking list (was RE: [cgl_discussion] Revised "Top 10" projects list)

Cress, Andrew R andrew.r.cress at intel.com
Wed Jul 2 06:22:36 PDT 2003

Julie wrote:
>>This also 
>> affects column F on line 35.  "full" -> "most/part".  
>I changed this too.  Is that for panic handler enhancements or IPMI?  Maybe
I should add a separate line >for IPMI....  Does panicsel implement the full

Yes, panicsel implements the full requirement, line 35 points to the Linux
kernel 2.5 (implying OpenIPMI).

[comments from Steven Dake below]


Good point.  It does need to be merged with the OpenIPMI panic stub.  I did
already make an attempt to add that code so that I could send the patch to
Corey, but his current implementation of the panic logic only allows one
IPMI command to be executed in the 'do-it-now' mode, and I need to do two or
three commands to implement everything.  I do have a patch that applies on
top of the OpenIPMI driver that implements everything, but right now it
doesn't use his existing functions for the 'do-it-now' commands at panic
The current panicsel patch to OpenIPMI is at
http://panicsel.sourceforge.net/kern.htm under the 2.5 kernel columns.

In any case, the right answer is to solve these issues and merge the code
into the OpenIPMI driver.  I'll take that action. 


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I put unlikely because I was unaware that the IPMI kernel driver didn't 
meet the full requirements and have all of the functionality that 
Andrew's panicsel project included.  For CGE 2.1 and 3.0 products, we 
include the panicsel kernel and user utilities.  For our latest product, 
we are relying on only the IPMI project for panic system even logging.

Since the IPMI driver has been integrated into the kernel, perhaps 
Andrew could work with the maintainer of IPMI driver to include the 
features that are additional to IPMI into that particular driver?  This 
would provide full functionality and roll the two projects into one and 
provide instant mainline to the functioinalities the panicsel project 
desires to achieve?

>>Also, when a distro column says "Look at shipped", does that mean:
>>1) We are going to do an evaluation later because the CGL 
>>version of this distro isn't yet released, 
>>2) Someone needs to do an evaluation of whether the currently 
>>shipped distro version meets this requirement.
>I changed all columns that used to say that as "Unknown."  I originally
>had meant 2, but see now it probably is 1 for some distros.  Unknown
>seems safer.
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